Wesley Harris

Wesley plays Natalie in Taco Soup. Wesley is a Sophomore BFA Acting Major at Michigan State University, where she is focusing her studies in Film and Musical Theatre. Wesley was last seen in Michigan State University’s production of A Winter’s Tale as Camillo/Cleomenes. She was also seen in Michigan State University’s production of the The Bacchae as a member of the Chorus. She would like to thank the crew and cast of Taco Soup for their constant support through filming, as well as her parents and sister for their love and support of her dreams.

Camille Rodgers

Camille is a senior studying Advertising Management at Michigan State University. You may recognize their voice from Impact 89FM’s airwaves or their face from MSU’s production of Vagina Monologues. Camille’s acting experience which began in middle school has mainly been on stage, but they have been ecstatic to branch out in front of the camera. They absolutely adore everyone who had a role in this project. After graduation, they will be pursuing a career in public relations in either New York or Chicago.

Chris Heeder

Chris Heeder plays Jude in Taco Soup. Chris is a Junior BFA-Acting Major at Michigan State University. He started acting a year and a half ago and it has changed his life forever. He has a focus on film acting and hopes to move out to Atlanta after graduating next year. Chris wants to thank everyone that has supported him and the many people that have given him a chance over the past year and a half. 

Bill Vincent

Bill Vincent is a professor at Michigan State University who specializes in film studies, film history, screenwriting, and film production. Bill plays the role of Aunt Tilly’s tongue-tied lover, Ron in Taco Soup

Michelle Mosley
Aunt Tilly

Michelle returned to Detroit from California about a little over a year ago and has been so impressed with the amount of film and theatre opportunities.  In addition to Taco Soup, she just wrapped  a rom-com pilot to be pitched to Netflix and Amazon and can be seen in the web series UnEasy. In California, she studied with Peter Allas at Beverly Hills Playhouse and sketch comedy at the fabulous Upright Citizens Brigade. What does the future hold Post Pandemic? Who knows?   Hopefully, it involves wearing pants. 😊

Tim Hackbarth

Tim Hackbarth plays Sam in Taco Soup. He is a freshman BFA acting major at MSU. Taco Soup is one of Tim’s first projects at MSU, and he is extremely is extremely thankful that he got the chance to work with such professional, hardworking, and fun people to start his educational career. Tim would like the entire cast and crew of Taco Soup for making this experience so special, and his parents for their never ending support. Tim plans to continue focusing his studies and career towards film acting.

Jay Gooden

Jay Gooden, Trevor in Taco Soup, is a junior studying BFA-Acting at Michigan State University. Jay was most recently seen in ESPN’s Dennis Rodman 30 for 30 portraying a young Dennis Rodman. With a focus in film acting, Jay hopes to move to Los Angeles, CA after he graduates to pursue his acting career. Aside from acting, he also has a YouTube channel named JAYTUBE. Jay would like to thank the entire cast and crew for making this film one of the best experiences of his semester.