Kristina Familara

Kristina Familara is a senior at Michigan State University studying Media and Information with a minor in Fiction Filmmaking. She is also the first female director in the history of the fiction filmmaking capstone. 


She has experience writing, directing, editing and producing various short films. Her goal as a filmmaker is to tell stories that the audience can feel and relate to; for the audience to come out of the film feeling immersed and satisfied. 


Some of Kristina’s passions include writing, teaching, storytelling and her Filipino roots. Her inspiration comes from her experiences of being a daughter, a partner, a student and a friend. Her hope for the future is that she will be able to tell more stories, especially those involving the unheard voices of minorities in America.


What she hopes for Taco Soup is that people will enjoy the eccentricities of Tilly and her family while also finding the humor in bonding through shared trauma.

Tanner Evans
Director of Photography/Colorist

Tanner is a senior Media & Information student additionally pursuing a minor in fiction filmmaking. As the Director of Photography and Camera Operator, he makes the Director’s vision come to life. By combining his passion for visual storytelling with his technical knowledge, Tanner aims to make the most interesting, believable and intentional visual language possible. Tanner also has experience as Creative Director in multiple advertising groups which he credits for giving him the ability to create cohesive, purposeful work.

Keiahna Dunbar-Reppuhn

Keiahna is a graduating senior at Michigan State University. She is pursuing a degree in Media and Information and minors in Fiction Filmmaking, Film Studies, and Arts and Cultural Management.

Throughout her college career Keiahna has learned that she loves many aspects of film production but overall she found a love of producing. Realizing at its core producing is organizing people, places, and things she has taken this passion to many avenues including working with weddings, and being a Student Supervisor at MSU.  


Keiahna cites Taco Soup as an adventure that will stick with her. 

Elizabeth Keller
1st AC/Editor

Elizabeth will graduate from Michigan State University in May 2020 with a degree in Media and Information and a minor in Fiction Filmmaking.

She has experience with producing and being a camera operator on many short films over the past few years. Through creative visuals and unique perspectives, she strives to share as many stories as she can. Taco Soup has allowed her to jump out of her comfort zone and tell the story through different roles in production and post-production.


Elizabeth is driven by the idea that she is able to work through a medium which allows people to feel pure and genuine emotion that they don't experience on a day to day basis, and hopes that you will allow yourself to become fully immersed in our story.

David Katkic

David is a graduating senior at Michigan State University with a degree in Media & Information and a minor in Fiction Filmmaking.

David is the producer for Taco Soup. Throughout his undergraduate career, David has had a variety of experience with writing, directing, and editing short films. This year, as the producer for Taco Soup, David is responsible for coordinating bi-weekly production meetings, scheduling, assigning deadlines, and maintaining efficient communication among the cast and crew. 

Although Taco Soup has been a journey of ups and downs, it has been a more valuable learning experience than he could’ve ever asked for, and his newfound love for producing has only grown. David will always cherish the fond memories and warm relationships that Taco Soup has made possible. After graduation, he plans to work for a film or television production studio in Los Angeles or New York. 

Aaron Applebey

Aaron is a writer & performer studying media & LGBTQ+ theory. In the development phase of Taco Soup, Aaron wrote three screenplays  — two of which developed alongside co-writers Kristina Familaray & Aaron Mariasy. Aaron also held the role of Public Relations head & Casting Director, helping to organize & operate the casting process for two productions. 

Aaron is incredibly proud of their development as a team member, writer, & PR practitioner over this past year and of their collaborations with such lovely & creative peers.

After graduation, Aaron will continue artmaking across mediums while pursuing a professional career in publishing & editorial writing. Follow them across the socials @ajapplebey

Aaron Mariasy
Writer/1st AD

Aaron Mariasy is the outlier of all outliers: his similarities with his crewmates essentially starts and ends with a shared Fiction Filmmaking minor at Michigan State University.

Unlike the rest of the crew, Aaron is a junior at MSU. At the beginning of his freshman year, he was double majoring in Physics and Political Science, but quickly dropped the Physics major to focus on Political Science. Despite his Political Science degree putting him on track to go to law school, he is still heavily interested and involved in politics. In fact, when he was just 19 years old, he appeared on the ballot in the state of Michigan as a candidate for the MSU Board of Trustees as a member of the progressive Green Party.

His time at MSU allowed him to discover a passion he didn't know he had: film. Every since he was a kid, he's been a passionate storyteller. However, it wasn't until his involvement in Taco Soup that he was able to use his writing talent productively. Being involved in this project has reignited his passion for telling compelling stories, something he hopes to do for the rest of his life.

Emma Griffin
Costume Design/BTS

Emma is a senior with a major in Media and Information and a minor in Fiction Filmmaking and French. 

Emma started her college career as a packaging major but quickly switched to Media and Info. after joining a video production club called MSU Telecasters. Since then she has had experience with many aspect of production including writing, directing, producing, and editing. 

Emma has really enjoyed her time working on Taco Soup as she has been able to gain experience in different aspects of filmmaking. She has enjoyed her time working with others who are equally committed to making a fun and meaningful film that she hopes audiences will love!  

Claire DeStrampe
Sound Design

Claire Destrampe is a senior at Michigan State University graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Media and Information, with minors in Fiction Filmmaking and Documentary Filmmaking.

Over the past couple of years Claire has gained experience in many aspects of film production, but has rounded out her college career with being in charge of the sound department for Taco Soup. This includes setting up the sound equipment, dressing cast with microphones, live mixing, and hearing every single word the actors said. Overall, the greatest learning experience of her senior year.

Claire has enjoyed the bond that the crew of Taco Soup has made over the past couple of months. Through all of the twists and turns, it will always be an experience that she remembers, and full of people that she will never forget. 

Nick Naranjo
Locations Manager/Script Supervisor

Nick is a senior with a major in Film Studies and a minor in Fiction Filmmaking.

During his years at Michigan State, Nick has gained lots of experience in the filmmaking process. Nick worked as the location manager and script supervisor on Taco Soup. 

Working on Taco Soup with his classmates has been a formative experience for Nick and one of the fondest memories from his time at Michigan State.

Michael Gault
Production Design

Visual storytelling has always been Michael’s passion. His love of art and storytelling has pushed his ambition when it comes to designing. As Production designer his job is to create the world of the film and the props that the characters interact with. Michael comes from a background of theatre and film where he is a working scenic designer. However, he is continually looking for ways to make what was once impossible, possible.